Amy K: Skokie – Bar Mitzvah

Thank you for another amazing Bar Mitzvah event. Once again, your attention to detail was exceptional. The customized food and dessert menu was out of this world. We loved the centerpieces, the dÈcor, and the personalized details.

I cannot possibly thank you enough. You always make these events so easy for me and enjoyable I really get to be a guest at my events.

Three Bar Mitzvahs! Cannot wait until you start planning our weddings!

Cheryl R:

I also enjoyed working with you, your professionalism and patience made a difference.Your staff was amazing last Thursday, worked hard to assist you.

Henrietta W:  Chicago – Not for Profit

You were a very pleasant, supportive partner/supporter/planner! Frankly, I think this is the best event we’ve had, in most ways! I have received loads of unsolicited comments from those attending! I’m glad you and I had the opportunity to get to know each other, personally and professionally. I’m also glad you had the opportunity to get to know TOP!

Fred F: Chicago – Engagement party

Ramesh, Thank you for planning and executing another amazing Engagement party for us!

Stuart R: Music for Wedding

Ramesh, it is almost a week since we worked together at Robin’s wedding celebration, and I wanted to tell you that your efforts and hard work made my job easy. It was such a pleasure to work with you and I think that together, we pulled order out of chaos and helped make a wonderful celebration.

I hope we will have a chance to work together in the future. Please think of me if you ever need to recommend music for a celebration, Our repertoire includes a vast amount of Jewish music, including Israeli, Klezmer, Sephardic, Mizrahi, and of course all manner of popular and contemporary music. As a violinist, I can also provide lovely classical music for ceremonies and dinner as well.

I felt that we worked well together, and I find your qualities of professionalism and competence to be admirable and somewhat rare in the world of event planners and coordinators. I’d be delighted to work with you again.

Esther K: Skokie – Engagement Party

Five Star Service from Event Couture

Ramesh Soleymani is the consummate professional. I met with her before my daughters engagement party and told her how much I wanted to spend. She then organized and took care of all the details for that day. She made the day look like a wedding, not an engagement party. She went beyond my expectations. I have attended many of her events that she has coordinated and I am always mesmerized of her talent and detail. She is fantastic!

She will make your event as special and wonderful as if it were her own.

Andrea H:  Skokie – Bat Mitzvah

First, let me say-Unbelievably beautiful!  You outdid yourself!

Thank you so much for a Bat Mitzvah luncheon and party that were amazing.  I have heard through the grapevine that a father who came to pick up Saturday night walked into the social hall at SVAJ and quoted to a friend ìI have never seen this room looking like this.  He said the transformation of the room was unreal how nice it was.

I know that we had some bumps in the road, but I appreciate your patience and tenacity to stay with me and keep everything moving forward.  Once everyone knew exactly what they needed to do, I felt that things moved a little easier.

Once again, thank you, the Bat Mitzvah was beyond our wildest dreams!

Aron R: Chicago – L’Chaim

I also want to express my thanks for making the Lchaim beautiful. So many people remarked to me how impressed they were with your work. Being able to show up at the event without worries meant a great deal. Do not hesitate to add me to your list of references. Once again we appreciate all of your help.

Marsha A: Skokie – Wedding

Well the dust has settled and the kids have gone to Boston where they will be living.  But I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for everything you did to make Elliana’s wedding a dream!  I’m not sure I have the words, but I will try.

As you know, this was not my first wedding so I was prepared for all the details that always seem so important and overwhelming.  I knew I needed help.  But I had no idea how absolutely fabulous you would make everything turn out.  From your guidance in choosing vendors to your running the show on the day of (no small feat at such a spread-out venue), you thought of everything.  But most important, you oversaw everything and you made it gorgeous, memorable, fun, and exciting.  Wow factor!!! A thousand times!!!!

I know that we had a lot of special requests and needs.  You met every one of them and oversaw the smooth execution down to the minutest detail.  No one could have done that job, but you!  The weeks and months of planning and figuring out how to accommodate everyone–you worked so tirelessly!  And it all paid off!

You kept me calm, focused, and confident.  You listened to my daughter and her fiance and to me and you fulfilled every dream Elli had and stayed within my budget.  I don’t even know how you managed to do that!  When you brought us pictures of chuppahs and flowers to look at, I was worried–I thought they looked too expensive for us to consider.  But you knew!  That chuppah, which really set the tone for the entire wedding, was breathtaking.  One of my guests called it “ethereal.”  It really was.

You moved everyone from one end of that hotel to the other with no help from their staff.  I don’t know how you did it.  (Please thank Daniel for me, also.  He was a calm presence in the hall and in the tent.) You seemed to be in several places at once.  All I know is that I didn’t worry about anything–not my guests, the food, the setting.  All I had to do was focus on the fact that my beautiful daughter was getting the wedding (and husband) of her dreams!

When you were setting up the dessert buffet, I watched you from the back of the room for a few moments.  I noticed how you moved a flower vase here or adjusted a drape there. You have an eye for design, for beauty, for symmetry.  It is a rare gift and you are truly an artist.  The room was beautiful–tents are always nice, but your addition of chairs, special linens, even those silk paper menus!  How elegant! How lovely!  How thoughtful!  You placed everything artistically, lovingly–every candle, every flower–even the candy on the dessert table! And all within our budget.  I just am in awe!

Your additional personal touches will forever remind me how much you cared about my happiness as well as Elli’s and Ben’s.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you, thank you , thank you!!

Tara & Brian R: Bar Mitzvah

Thank you very much Ramesh. Noah’s bar mitzvah was wonderful. Your hard work made it easy for us to fully enjoy! All the details were beautiful– as always so nice to work with you. With much appreciation!

Shalom & Ilene S: Bat Mitzvah

Ramesh, it was great to work with you in planning Rozzie’s Bat Mitzvah party.  Every one of all ages enjoyed themselves. The room was transformed beautifully. Your attention to every detail, and your regular communication with Lisa and her staff ensured that nothing was overlooked.  I also appreciated your contacting the D.J., the photographer, and the videographer so that everything was coordinated smoothly.

You were also extremely patient and supportive during our revisions and with any last minute decisions.

Your creative ideas and your diligence in pulling everything together made Rozzie’s Bat Mitzvah party very special.  As you promised, I got to be a guest at my own party.

Thank you again for helping us create such wonderful memories.

Jodi O: Evanston – Bat Mitzvah

Ramesh…what can I say??? You were absolutely wonderful to work with. Thank you for making the bat mitzvah such a success. It would never have happened without all your love care and attention to every single detail. Thank you for all your time, the many hours you put into the weekend and for being such a loving, supportive friend. I am so grateful for everything you have given me. Contact me soon so I can settle with you. Love Jodi

Amy K: Skokie – Bar Mitzvah

Ramesh helped plan our son’s bar mitzvah celebration. She was extremely organized and yet very creative. She made the event beautiful and everything ran smoothly. Most importantly, she handled all the details so that I was able to relax and enjoy the event without stress. I would definitely use her again.

Leah K: Skokie – Wedding

Ramesh helped make my dreams about my big day come true! She understood every detail was important to me and made sure they all came together exactly the way I wanted it to. Ramesh and her team ensured our big day ran smoothly, on schedule, and with out any problems! She was there to help us with planning before the wedding, offer guidance and style advice, and connect with our vendors during the last month before the wedding when planning became stressful for me. We could not have done it with out her!

Tara R: Skokie – Bar Mitzvah

My son Ari’s bar mitzvah was last April and it was such a pleasure working with Ramesh. She has beautiful ideas and a wonderful flair for design. Ramesh was very easy to work with, she saw to it that every detail was perfect. I would definitely recommend Ramesh Soleymani to my family and friends for any occasion they want to make even more special.

Audory C: Skokie – Bat Mitzvah

I used Couture Event Planning for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and I was thrilled. I tried to plan everything myself, but I got overwhelmed and had trouble finding the right vendors. Ms. Soleymani helped me get organized and found me the perfect vendors. The party was set up beautifully and everything ran smoothly due to her professionalism. I did not have to worry once during the day of the party, because Ms. Soleymani had everything under control. I was able to enjoy the day, because I knew the party was in good hands. The event was perfect and I owe it all to Ms. Soleymani.

Andrea H: Skokie – Bar Mitzvah

If you are going to hire an event planner, I highly recommend Ramesh Soleymani. We recently hired Ramesh to coordinate a weekend of events for our son’s Bar Mitzvah and she handled so much, with great attention to detail and her follow through made our weekend a great success. Ramesh brought her wisdom and experience to the table and was phenomenal at implementing Our ideas and themes throughout the weekend. She was a joy to work with and if you are going to hire an event planner, they do not come any better than Ramesh Soleymani!

Jody & Philipp: Highland Park – Bar Mitzvah

Deep breath…. ahhhhh…. what an unbelievably successful and meaningful week of events to celebrate our son’s simcha! Thank you very much Ramesh Soleymani!! It has been 18 months of planning, making preparations, and anticipating our eldest son’s Bar Mitzvah. The ambiance was wonderful, the food was delicious, Couture Event Planning was excellent, and the rare ‘behind the scenes’ issues were handled with care and concern. Every detail was tended to with precision! Thank you again, Ramesh, for the spectacular memories you helped create and facilitate for us and all our guests! We had an amazing and unforgettable time! We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from almost everyone who attended and even those who merely heard about our simcha! The positive comments from our family, friends, and community include compliments about all the various components of an event of this nature, from the ambiance to the food to how well everything flowed and was planned, and the meaningful way David’s tzedakah projects were elegantly and tastefully highlighted; everyone was very impressed. We are still revealing in the success of our dream! There is absolutely no way we could have pulled it off without the help and guidance that you provided! Ramesh you are undoubtedly smart, patient, organized and tasteful. You pay great attention to detail and have an impressive ability to remain calm under pressure. You were always flexible and generous with your time –we had numerous meetings individually as well as with vendors – and you were always early and perfectly prepared. You had great rapport with all our vendor while at the same time remained a strong advocate for what we wanted. You listened carefully to our ideas, understood our vision, and knew how to get the most out of each situation. Your role as our own personal shopper for everything it took to put on our events is greatly appreciated! Most importantly, your dependability and ability to execute a complicated plan: from the 18 months in the making down to the minutest detail, without even breaking a sweat is very impressive. Thanks to you, Ramesh, everything went smoothly. You are a big reason why our simcha turned out to be so beautiful and memorable. We feel lucky to have found you and have no reservations in recommending you to anyone whether it is for a BIG or small event! Ramesh you are extremely professional, polite, detail orientated and just overall fun to be around. Your success goes beyond the event planning, coordination and décor that is elegant, fresh, and fun! The full-service planning, customized services you provided, and the execution of our events illuminated our simcha. Couture Event Planning is the best in the industry and offers creative thinking to make your events stand out! We achieved all of our goals we set out to including allowing us to be guests at our own events instead of working it. The ‘day of the event’ service you provided was just as impressive! The buffets presentations were reflective of your passion and love. We are already enjoying working with Ramesh on our next son’s Bar Mitzvah!